Friday, March 23, 2007

Why I need a house NOW

By the way as of now I have a house to move into and my house is under contract WOO HOO!!

Just so you know we do have some offers on my house so this is an EXCITED list.

1. I will not trip over the dogs all day long

2. All of Tyler's business papers will be downstairs in an office not EVERYWHERE

3. I will not have to silence everybody in the house every time the business line rings

4. Abby will not wake up from Tyler's loud voice while on business calls

5. I can have people over!

6. I can have people over who hate dogs and it won't bother them because I will put them away

7. I will have a bedroom for my new baby

8. We will be buying a king sized bed and HAVE ROOM FOR IT!

9. I will not have to listen to Tyler go to the bathroom because that is not a turn on, for HOURS after

10. I will be able to let Abby cry herself back to sleep when she wakes to early and it won't make the neighbors mad

11. I will not have people walking by my front window and peeking in all day long.

12. The dogs will not get worried from all the people walking by

13. I will not have to be HOA President anymore so I will not have to deal with stupid rentors, picking up other dogs poop and other people's litter

14. Abby will have room to RUN and ride her bike and HAVE FUN!

15. I will not feel like I need to always be out of the house

16. I can get some new furniture!

17. I can have more than one bathroom!

18. I will have a backyard!!!

19. I will have a front yard!!
20. I will have a garage!!

21. I will feel like a real grownup!

22. I can plant flowers, I really want to plant my herbs and flowers!

23. I can have a garden, I love gardens.

24. I can have STORAGE SPACE!

25. My place won't feel cluttered, because I really don't have much stuff at all!

26. Every closet won't be packed full

27. Abby and Tyler won't have to share a closet

28. I will have room for food storage, I really need to start on that.

29. I will have a pantry!!


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