Friday, March 23, 2007

I am Essa

I am Essa

i love i give i feel i hate i walk i shop i laugh i cry i play i smile i complain i eat i cook i clean i scrapbook i work out i cuddle i yell i annoy i hope i help i encourage i console i read

i am weird i am confused i am scared i am nice i am mean i am caring i am bratty i am random i am sarcastic i am mormon i am non trusting i am helping i am childish i am me

i love abby i love family i love kids i love new clothes i love church i love being lazy i love reading i love dreaming i love happiness i love writing i love being a mom

i want money i want health i want happiness i want friendship i want realness i want spontaneous i want joy i want freedom i want ben and jerrys half bakes i want school i want someone to be proud of me

i hate backstabbers i hate judgemental people i hate pain i hate heartbreak i hate tiredness i hate disrepect i hate death i hate inequality i hate deception i hate grown up life i hate budgets i hate seeing others hurt

I can't scratch ever be comfortable with the temperature I can't see someone cry without crying myself I can't see Abby without smiling I can't imagine my life without Tyler I can't drive without daydreaming

You are someone I don't trust You are never within reach You are my life You are my reason for living You are my role model You are my other half You are my laughs You are my smile You are me.

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