Friday, March 23, 2007

Abbys Bday

So I really really spoiled my little girl for her bday. Seriously, I am feeling guilty and I'm not even done. This will be the only time that it is near this bad, hey she is going to be the only child for only 1 time in her life and I went all out.

We went to Build a Bear, shopping for her new clothes in Park City, Presents, Cupcakes, TONS OF BALLOONS, a dog banner. Then we are going to the zoo, to dinner and having ANOTHER party with another cake and more presents on Sunday.

You know what I really loved though, she is a little girl now not a baby. And I really have been thinking latley, I still cannot believe how much I love her. I never knew I could love something this much and it grows and grows every month. I feel lucky every day to be her mom, and I miss her if I am every away, every morning when I wake up I am running to go get her out of bed because I am so excited to see her. I just cannot believe how much I love having her. Being a mom is the best, it really is.

I am nervous about having another one with them being so close. But I am so excited to get to have another baby that I will love just as much. I think after I give birth it will be a lot different than with Abby. I bonded with her after a couple of days, not at first. At first I was still scared out of my mind and hurting, so I let Tyler totally take over, then later on in the day I felt the love. I am looking forward to feeling that love right when she comes out. Man, I love all of my babies that I've never met so much already. I love all the babies that I hopefully get to adopt someday too. And I love all of my nieces and nephews that haven't come yet and the ones that are here.

I wuv you Abby baby girl.

Wow, You are me about 15 months ago! My two girls are 18 months apart and i felt that same sense of creating a special "just the 2 of us" moments between my oldest before her sister arrived. I truly love them both and now that my youngest is 8 months, they truly are incredible...they are playing together and interacting together, its a dream!
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