Monday, October 09, 2006

Pet Peeves

My newest pet peeve is....drumroll please I know you are dying to know....

Now listen I know that it is hard with kids, a messy husband, pets, a small condo. I know that once and awhile your house could just have stuff sitting out, really need a vacum, a sweep of the floor, pile of laundry... BUT there is no excuse for a house to be FILTHY! I have been in so many houses latley where it really looks like a house that has been abandonded and had vagrants living in it.

I work so hard to have a clean house because I want people to be able to feel comfortable in my home. It is not fair to your family, friends, others to come into a home where they are scared to put their baby on the couch or the floor, to be overcome with such foul smells. I just, isn't it embarassing for you?

If I have one more interview for a nanny job in a filthy house, I am going to walk out.

Is this to much to ask? Please Please, clean, clean your house!!

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