Monday, October 09, 2006

My Favorite Smiles

Some of my favorite smiles of course include Abby
~ When I wake up open my eyes and she is staring at me and smiling
~ When she sees her Daddy and just grins ear to ear
~ When Rocco licks her feet or when Honey rests her head on her tummy, she gets this relaxed just so content looking smile, it's a hard one to explain

At Home
~ The smile I get when Tyler thinks I'm being "so cute"
~ The smiles I get when I rub the dogs bellies (yes dogs have smiles, you didn't know that?)

At Work
~ When I call Brooklyn a pretty girl, she thinks she is so speical and gives me the biggest smile
~ When I act silly with the kids, they think that is pretty funny and just giggle and giggle
~ When my teenage cousins actually laugh or smile at something I say, and that is hard to get out of teenage boys!

~ When Jonathan is having fun with Abby, she really loves him because he can just be silly!
~ My parents, when they are being sweet to eachother and just smile at eachother
~ When you finally get a smile our of a shy niece, that is a good smile

~ When you haven't seen a friend in awhile and you are so excited to just relax and chat!
~ When you see them happy with their new spouses, new babies

~ Ok best one, when they just smile at how darn cute Abby is!
~ Teenage daughters, out shopping with their moms, just having a good time, smiling at eachother
~ Kids playing outside, having fun, not worrying about anything


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